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Bhathal, R. and A. International Academy of, Eds. (2000). SETI - 6: the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Pergamon.

Billingham, J. and C. Life in the Universe (1981). Life in the universe. Cambridge, Mass.; London, MIT Press.

Billingham, J., P. Morrison, et al. (1977). The Search for extraterrestrial intelligence, SETI. [Washington], National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Office: for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off.

Bird, F. M. (1970). An alien from the commonwealth: the romance of an odd young man. Algonquin press library. Boston, Cupples and Hurd.

Birkett, S. (1999). Ulster alien. London, Gay Men's Press.

Blaise, C. (1986). Resident alien. Markham, Ont.; Harmondsworth, Penguin Books.

Blandford, E. L. (2001). Aliens speak! alien communications. Hastings, Lea Books.

Blandford, E. L. (2001). Aliens speak! II: more alien communications. Hastings, E.L. Blandford.

Bloecher, T., C. F. Lockwood, et al. (1977). Close encounters of the third kind: the preliminary presentation of extensive study into UFO cases involving the reported sightings of humanoids and other alien beings. [Nottingham] ([Hazlemont House, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham]), British UFO Research Association.

Bloom, W. (1986). Devas, fairies and angels, Gothic Image.

Blum, H. (1990). Out there: the government's secret quest for extraterrestrials. New York; London, Simon and Schuster.

Blum, H. (1990). Out there, Simon & Schuster.

Blumberg, R. (1977). UFO. New York; London, F. Watts.

Blundell, N. (1996). The world's most amazing UFO visits. London, Sunburst Books.

Blundell, N. and R. Boar (1984). The world's greatest UFO mysteries. London, Octopus.

Boardman Philip, L. (1963). Northern Paradise. The intelligent alien's guide to Norway. [With illustrations.]. Oslo, H. Aschehoug & Co.

Bocock, K. L. and E. Institute of Terrestrial (1981). Radionuclides in terrestrial ecosystems: a review of their distribution and movement. Cambridge(68 Hills Rd., Cambridge CB2 1LA), Institute of Terrestrial Ecology.

Bogdán, L. (1985). Luca-napi idojóslások: Derus UFO-történet. Bukarest, Kriterion Konyvkiado.

Bogner, D. and G. Kunsthaus (2004). A friendly alien: ein Kunsthaus für Graz: Peter Cook/Colin Fournier Architects. Ostfildern-Ruit, Hatje Cantz.

Boland, Y. (2001). Carole King is an alien. London, Orion.

Bolton, J. L. and I. I. I. a. Y. H. T. Richard (1998). The alien communities of London in the fifteenth century: the Subsidy Rolls of 1440 & 1483-4. Stamford, Richard III & Yorkist History Trust in association with P. Watkins.

Boncompagni, S. (1974). UFO in Italia. Firenze, Corrado Tedeschi.

Bondarchuk, Y. (1979). UFO, sightings, landings, and abductions: the documented evidence. Toronto; New York, Methuen.

Bord, J. (1980). Alien animals, Elek.

Bord, J. and C. Bord (1980). Alien animals: a worldwide investigation. London [etc.], Elek.

Bord, J. and C. Bord (1980). Are we being watched? true UFO sightings by children around the world. London, Angus and Robertson.

Bord, J. and C. Bord (1991). Life beyond planet earth? man's contacts with space people. London, Grafton.

Bose, M. (1996). The sporting alien: English sport's lost Camelot. Edinburgh, Mainstream.

Bougioúka, A. (1990). Sub oculis ufo: logo-paignia, tou erôta kai tou thanatou. Samos, Apoplous.

Bova, B. (1987). Voyagers II: the alien within. London, Methuen London.

Bova, B., B. Preiss, et al. (1999). Are we alone in the cosmos? the search for alien contact in the new millennium. New York, ibooks.

Boyce, C. (1979). Extraterrestrial encounter: a personal perspective. Newton Abbot [Eng.], David & Charles.

Bracewell, R. N. (1978). The galactic club: intelligent life in outer space. London, Heinemann.

Bradman, T. and M. Chatterton (1998). Tommy Niner and the mystery spaceship. London, Puffin.

Bragg, D. and P. Joslin (1999). Science meets the UFO enigma. Commack, N.Y., Kroshka Books.

Branton (1999). The Dulce wars: underground alien bases & the battle for planet Earth. New Brunswick, N.J., Inner Light/Global Communications.

Branton (1999). The Dulce wars: underground alien bases and the battle for planet Earth. [New Brunswick, NJ?], Inner Light/Global Communications.

Brassier, R. (2001). Alien theory: the decline of materialism in the name of matter, University of Warwick.

Bray Arthur, R. (1967). Science, the public and the UFO. Ottawa, Bray Book Service.

Bray, A. (1979). The UFO connection. Ottawa, Jupiter.

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