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Asimov, I. (1990). Is there life on other planets?. London, Gareth Stevens Children's.

Asimov, I., M. H. Greenberg, et al. (1986). Asimov's extraterrestrials. London, Dragon.

Aziz, A. (1961). Mongol pressure in an alien land. Mouton & Co.; Wiesbaden: Otto Harassowitz, The Hague.

Baddiel, I. and T. Blezard (1998). Extraterrestrials: investigations into the unexplained. Hove, Macdonald Young.

Baddiel, I. and T. Blezard (1998). Extraterrestrials. Hove, Macdonald Young.

Baguley, N. (1979). The UFO story. London, Harrap.

Baig, H. and C. Scruton (1997). Ziggy the alien. Oxford, Heinemann Library.

Baird John, C. and C. Dartmouth (1987). The inner limits of outer space, Published for Dartmouth College by University Press of New England.

Baker, A. (1997). UFO sightings. London, Orion Media.

Baker, A. (1998). Destination Earth: a history of alleged alien presence. London, Blandford.

Baker, A. (1999). The encyclopedia of alien encounters. London, Virgin.

Baker, A. (2000). The encyclopaedia of alien encounters. London, Virgin.

Baker, R. and G. University of East Anglia. Overseas Development (1976). Planning in semi arid areas: two studies from Africa. [Norwich], [School of Development Studies, The University of East Anglia].

Ball, B. (1979). Young person's guide to UFOs: a UFO spotters' guide. London [etc.], Dragon Books.

Bano, J. and Z. Mashhadi (2004). The alien home & other stories: Jellani Bano. New Dehli, National Book Trust.

Banyard, E. and E. Piper (1982). The alien: a musical play based on the story of Ruth. London, RADIUS.

Barclay, D. (1995). Aliens: the final answer? a UFO cosmology for the 21st century. London, Blandford.

Barclay, D. and T. M. Barclay (1993). UFOs, the final answer? ufology for the 21st century: towards an explanation of flying saucers, ufology and alien abduction. London, Blandford.

Barlowe, W. D. and I. Summer (1979). Barlowe's guide to extraterrestrials. New York, Workman Pub.

Barnes-Murphy, R. (1984). Alien antics. [London], Piccolo.

Barnes-Murphy, R. (1984). Alien notes. London, Pan.

Barnett, D. (1996). An alien by circumstance. London, Minerva Press.

Barr, M. S. (1987). Alien to femininity: speculative fiction and feminist theory. New York, Greenwood.

Barrow, L. (1991). Supernatural romance of Suzanne; The conquest of Demon Cabeto; and, Alien mountain giants. March, L. Barrow.

Barry, B. (1981). Ultimate encounter: the true story of a UFO kidnapping. London, Corgi.

Batson, R. M., S. United States. Geological, et al. (1981). Status and future of extraterrestrial mapping programs. Washington, D.C.; [Springfield, Va.], National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Scientific and Technical Information Branch: [For sale by the National Technical Information Service].

Baugh, B. (1998). Draw future worlds. Los Angeles; [Great Britain], Lowell House Juvenile.

Beard, R. (1972). Additions and 1971-1972 supplement. Swindon, R. Beard.

Beard, R. B. (1971). Flying saucers, U.F.O's and extraterrestrial life: a bibliography of British books, 1950-1970. Swindon, R. Beard.

Benford, G. (1988). "In alien flesh": [short stories]. London, Gollancz.

Benford, G. (1989). In alien flesh, Gollancz, 1989.

Benjamin, A. and S. Murdocca (1980). 1000 space monsters have landed. London, Scholastic.

Bentley, C. (2003). The complete book of Gerry Anderson's UFO. London, Reynolds & Hearn.

Bergier, J. (1974). Extraterrestrial intervention: the evidence. Chicago, Regnery.

Bergier, J. (1974). Mysteries of the earth: the hidden world of the extra-terrestrials. London, Sidgwick & Jackson.

Bergmans, W., E. Blom, et al. (2001). Invasive plants and animals: is there a way out? proceedings of a conference on alien invasive species on the 26th of September, 2000 in the National Museum of Natural History Naturalis in Leiden, the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Netherlands Committee for IUCN.

Bergrun Norman, R. (1986). Ringmakers of Saturn, Pentland.

Bernhardt, K.-H. (1978). Sind wir Astronautenkinder? die falschen Sensationen des Erich von Däniken im Lichte der biblischen Archäologie. Berlin, Union Verlag.

Bernstein, M. P. and F. The Committee on Space Research Scientific Commission, Eds. (2002). Space life sciences: extraterrestrial organic chemistry, UV radiation on biological evolution, and planetary protection.

Bernstein, M. P., C. S. Assembly, et al. (2002). Space life sciences: extraterrestrial organic chemistry, UV radiation on biological evolution, and planetary protection: proceedings of the F3.4(1)-B0.8.F3.1 and F3.5-PPP1 symposia of COSPAR Scientific Commission F which were held during the Thirty-third COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Warsaw, Poland, July, 2000. Oxford, Published for the Committee on Space Research [by] Pergamon.

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